Apply for a Regional Reduced Fare Permit

For riders with a disability

Option 1:  Apply with state or federal certification of disability

Complete the application online and upload a copy of your certification document.

  • Certification from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) of a disability of at least 40%
  • Documentation of Social Security Disability Benefits or Supplemental Security Income Benefits due to disability
  • A valid Medicare card issued by the Social Security Administration
  • A document showing current participation in a vocational career program through the Washington State Individual Educational Program (IEP)
  • A disabled parking permit issued by the Washington Department of Licensing
  • A valid ADA paratransit eligibility letter or card

Option 2:  Apply with health care provider's certification of disability

  1. Download a certification form for your health care provider to complete.
  2. Complete the application online and upload a copy of the certification form.

Are you a candidate for in-person qualification?

Some criteria in sections 1 through 5 of the Medical Eligibility Criteria and Conditions can be visually confirmed. If your disability falls into this category, we can authorize you at an in-person King County Metro Neighborhood Pop-Up, without the need for a health care provider's certification.

Please visit for more information or contact us at Starting January 2021, King County will also offer virtual Neighborhood Pop-Ups online.